Are you drowning in healthcare data? 

Whether you are an analyst or a VP, you are constantly faced with data overload.

As an analyst: you must find the right way to process and present data to decision makers.

As a VP: you have to use data-based reports and presentations to make actionable strategic decisions that will affect your whole team.

With so much data to consider, determining how to prioritize and visualize the right information can be a challenge. How can you more effectively align your team around what is most important?

Join us on Wednesday, March 22 at 11 AM CT and you will learn:

  • How to sift through large quantities of data to identify what data is most important for your strategic growth
  • Tips on how to make data visualizations that are more conducive to pulling insights
  • How to recognize a bad visualization and why that's the case
  • What tools you can use to present your data in a way that is conducive to pulling out the most important information