Find out why the largest hospital systems in the country switched to Stratasan.

Why the largest hospital systems switched to stratasan

Here's what's at stake by staying with a sub-par partner:

  • With an outdated analytics platform, your team will fall behind the competition
  • If you’re working with modeled data, you’ll be making strategic decisions based on faulty intelligence
  • If your partner is weighted down by corporate red tape, you’ll be held back too

With a switching timeline that can have you “live” in 60 days, your team will be able to fully detach from your old vendor and onboard with Stratasan quickly and efficiently.

"With Stratasan’s tools, we immediately get to what we need. Everything is so easy to access and is updated with the latest data. The HCM team saves hours of work every quarter." - John Leftwich, Senior Strategy Analyst, Hill Country Memorial

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